Let's cook the cloud infrastructure…

This blog will not be about cooking. I mean cooking in the ordinary sense, the way we used to think about it usually. To be honest this blog will be about the cloud and infrastructure as code (IaC). About cooking the code for building fundamental components of modern IT in the clouds. I am not sure if you are aware of that, but for many SysAdmins and DBAs, everything will change soon. No more manual work, everything automated – have you ever heard about it? Time to learn how to cook the cloud infrastructure and automate it as much as it is possible. Here comes the DevOps agenda and my goal is to help you with that. And when I say “you” I really think about IT infrastructure experts as well as beginners. I also think about customers who will sooner or later confront themselves with the technological shift that originated in the clouds.  I have decided to be honest, to write straight from my heart. Share knowledge. That is the basic principle and general motivation. So let’s roll.. and let’s cook something delicious!
Martin Linxfeld.

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