30Dec, 2019

How to use Terraform and OCI – lesson 5

Yes, we are moving forward with my Terraform + OCI training. But for sure step by step. Our OCI infra with 2 webservers is already there under the Load Balancer umbrella (lesson 1, lesson 2 and lesson 3). In the last lesson 4 we have introduced the hidden public IP …

29Dec, 2019

OCI's OKE automatically with Terraform

Lastly, I have been exploring OKE a little bit. Mostly for testing purposes. I was planning to deploy some simple web containers there. You know me well, right? I am a real fan of Infrastructure as a code paradigm. So, as always, I was trying to encapsulate my deployment into …

18Dec, 2019

How to use Terraform and OCI – lesson 2

Frankly speaking, the second lesson from the Terraform and OCI training, available in my GitHub repo was not very revolutionary. I have decided to start with just one webserver in lesson1, because it was important for me to move from the simplest into more complicated code gradually. Especially for newbies, …