How to use Terraform and OCI – lesson 1

Something about one year ago I had my first try to record full-blown training for Terraform and OCI. It was very interesting to see if I would be able to do it. Everything, just to share my practical knowledge and hands-on with the people and let them understand how to do it step by step. From the simplest scenario up to highly complicated designs and architectures. Unfortunately in the cloud world, everything changes so quickly. One year has passed and my first training, my first try was absolutely outdated. OCI has changed a lot, for example, a new regional subnet concept has been introduced. On the other hand, we have an alternative to the Security List terminated on the subnet level. Now we can deploy Network Security Groups and they will be terminated on the VNIC level. That significant change in OCI architecture creates new flexibility and in my opinion, should be explained. On top of that systematic changes in OCI, you can add yet another big change – significant enhancements in Terraform’s HCL language, introduced in Terraform version 0.12. I am mostly speaking about the simplified syntax of interpolations and real flexibility in loops (for_each resources, dynamic blocks, etc). So to be honest… I have decided to re-write this training, taking all of those changes into consideration.

And now we have new stuff here:

Bon Appetit! 🙂

Martin, The Cook.

PS. And now I will try to record videos for each of the lessons. Here is a video blog for the first lesson about single webserver (source code is here):