How to use Terraform and OCI – lesson 5

Yes, we are moving forward with my Terraform + OCI training. But for sure step by step. Our OCI infra with 2 webservers is already there under the Load Balancer umbrella (lesson 1, lesson 2 and lesson 3). In the last lesson 4 we have introduced the hidden public IP address of the webservers and infra has been split into 3 subnets. Until now Load Balancer was jumping between web nodes in a round-robin manner, serving different copies of index.html file. But in real-life scenarios, we would like to share pages and all web content from one location, right? So in this lesson, lesson 5, we will introduce a shared filesystem that will be mounted on each webserver. Our Terraform code for this lesson has been based on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure File Storage Service (OCI FSS) which is documented here. In this shared NFS filesystem, we will have only one copy of the webpages. So let’s roll… Video is available below…

Bon Appetit,

Martin, The Cook.