How to create shared block volume in OCI with Terraform

Yeah! That is the feature which I really like. Shared block volume attached to more than one compute instances. This feature has been announced in OCI in the middle of December 2019. One month later I have decided to test it with Terraform. I was hoping it would work not only in the OCI Console but also with my favorite automation runtime. So I have written this simple repo in GitHub. Worth to add I am not finishing the code at the moment of attachment between compute instances and volume block resource. I am including Terraform files that execute null_resources which are building OCFS2 on top of the volume which is visible as a device via iSCSI protocol. Most of the knowledge of how to do it have incorporated from this blog post. I think you can find my dish tasty and you can somehow reutilize this code in the future 🙂
Bon Appetit,
Martin, The Cook.

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