NewStuff series – dynamic VM shape resize in OCI with Terraform

I am trying to follow constantly updated release notes of OCI. Nearly every single day we have something new there, so sometimes it really hard to follow all of the news there. To read some theory is great, but test it is even greater… and harder, to be honest. So I was thinking it would be great to have a chance to watch this kind of testing on YouTube, especially with Terraform OCI Provider usage. To be sure Provider has been updated and it follows OCI’s Rest API changes. And you know what? I haven’t found such videos on YT! So…? So I have decided to record my own one. Pretty short in form. Just 3-5 minutes long. And here is the first one. It is about a new compute instance feature – dynamic VM shape resize. No more compute instance migration, no more compute instance re-provisioning. Just a couple of minutes to restart. And that is all! This elasticity is great!
Bon Appetit,
Martin, The Cook.

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