OCI NSGs – an add-on to Terraform+OCI course

Yes, OCI is changing very quickly! 🙂 Everyone, who follows OCI release notes, knows that. Oracle Cloud Gen2 is updated with new features even a couple of times every single month.  It shouldn’t surprise you. That is how the modern cloud world works now. 🙂 In my Terraform+OCI short course, I was using security lists, but last summer in July 2019, in OCI new security feature, has been released – it has been called Network Security Groups (NSG). This new feature seems to be very popular in other cloud vendors configuration, so frankly speaking, it was rather obvious for me that OCI should embrace NSG, sooner or later. And now it is there in OCI and NSG concept is supported by Terraform OCI Provider (version >= 3.33.0) as well. NSG concept is more advanced and more elastic then Security Lists, mostly because it can be implemented on the VNIC level. It means you can still use Security List on the subnet level and then create some specific NSG for particular machines nested in this subnet. Security Lists and Network Security Groups work together as an union, is that right? 🙂 I guess you should check it up as fast as possible. 🙂 Here is a brand new video I have recorded for you. 🙂
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[wpvideo jySxxXCz]

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