A good recipe for OCI OKE

A few weeks back I have read that OCI OKE will now support Kubernetes 1.14.8. That is really great news and I have decided to refresh my GitHub repo, which I had created some time ago. It was also a perfect opportunity to record a small how-to vlog, just for you! 🙂 Kubernetes is a huge topic and for sure it is worth to invest time to explore this platform. Many of us believe containers are the future of IT despite the fact … that many think differently, so to speak, in the completely opposite directions. One extreme wing of believers believes in old good virtual machines when the others use to call VMs “just a legacy”, showcasing a bright future based on Functions as Service. Frankly speaking, I am not sure about any direction as the best one for everything. I am rational and I don’t want to be kinda “believer-guy”. Ok, maybe I will put it another way … I believe in a diverse world. During the last HashiConf 2019, Armon Dadgar in his keynote has called that “Multi-Everything“. In this diverse world, legacy stuff will coexist with many brand new cutting edge technologies. Kubernetes for sure lays somewhere in this broad landscape. In OCI for sure, it is and it will be one of the fundamental elements for current and future IT deployments. What do you think about it? Please, share your thoughts on that topic below if you think it is interesting. I am really open to discussion. Really, I am very curious… But meanwhile, I am encouraging you to watch my how2 video below 🙂 And one thing more! Many thanks for the honest feedback about this blog website and your subscription to our YouTube channel.
Bon Appetit!
Martin, The Cook.
[wpvideo xyab3bFt]