OCI File Storage Service + Network Security Groups (NSG) with Terraform

What is the topic for today? Network security of your OCI cloud infrastructure! Honestly speaking always an important topic, right? The basics of Network Security Groups (NSG), for the first time I have described in this blog post. Recently I have found in OCI Release Notes, that OCI File Storage Services supports now NSG. Immediately I have checked Terraform OCI Provider, just to confirm my favorite automation runtime also supports it. And guess what? Terraform OCI Provider in version 3.55.0 fully covers this feature. That is really amazing! Just one week later, after OCI release, Terraform Provider codebase has been updated! That is why I have decided to test it and add this stuff to my Terraform+OCI tutorial as a lesson 5a. I hope you will find it interesting! If it is true I really encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel 🙂 One more thing – File Storage Service UDP and TCP ports for NSGs and Security Lists have been documented here.

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