How to use Terraform and OCI – lesson 9

I hope you have noticed that huge news at OCI Release Notes. In February 2020 OCI global footprint has grown significantly with three new regions (Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and Melbourne in Australia). I am located in Europe so immediately I have requested the subscription of Amsterdam DC. So now in my tenancy, I have Frankfurt and Amsterdam regions ready to be utilized. Given this fact, it was obvious for me, I can try to set up some extension to my previous lesson, lesson 8. I could convert local VCN peering in the same region into a remote VCN peering configuration. In this new setup, my BackendServer, with all necessary cloud infrastructure, would be deployed in Amsterdam. And I have done it. So now we have brand new lesson 9 for which code is available here. There is also video, ready for you, ready to be watched! 🙂 As always I am asking kindly for subscribing to our YouTube channel. Believe me, I am planning to record more and more stuff and publish it here in a form of blog post and video blog on YT 🙂

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