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oci_cloud_shell_buttonThis button on the top right corner I have noticed some time ago in my internal tenancies. At that time this feature was in a Limited Availability (LA) period, but today it has been published in General Availability (GA). More details about it you can read here. What are we talking about? About OCI Cloud Shell! 🙂 I am sure it will be a powerful feature for many of you. There is no need to set up VM  to run OCI CLI commands and many more such as git, java, python, SQLPlus, kubectl, helm, maven, grade, terraform. How to access OCI Cloud Shell? You have to just click on this button and then at the bottom of your OCI Console in just a few seconds in the black popup window fully operational shell-based environment will be visible. Immediately your commands can be executed there. And of course, you are pre-authenticated to your tenancy. Nothing more to configure, just work with the cloud resources. Below you can find a quick video about how to use it for VCN creation and then deletion. Then quick ride with terraform plan and apply for the first lesson from my Terraform+OCI tutorial. Nothing big in a sense of recording, just a bit of new taste 🙂
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Martin, The Cook.
[wpvideo etdF1nJs]  

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