How to use Terraform and OCI – lesson 10

I have returned from short vacations with the strong belief I should publish new stuff. And here it is – new lesson 10 about Transit Routing VCN. About Transit VCN I have written my first post more than year ago. By the way – details about Transit Routing VCN can be found in OCI docs here. Now it is good to create some adjustment to my previous blog post and somehow combine this knowledge with the Terraform +OCI course which has been published as a playlist on our YT channel. Lesson 10 will enhance the previous two lessons (about remote and local peering). We will add route tables (1) on the DRG attachment level and (2) on Hub VCN level for both HUBLPGs and (3) at requestor site for traffic going back to acceptor site. It seems to be very complex, but I guess you will catch the concept quickly. I hope this sophisticated dish will be tasty as the previous one.

Bon Appetit,

Martin, The Cook.

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