How to use Terraform and OCI – lesson 7a

A few days back I have written a post about a new feature in OCI related to the DBSystem. Now you can change the shape of your VM where your database is deployed. This level of elasticity is crucial. But what to do in case of a Disaster Recovery scenario. What to do when one AD is not working properly. In that case, you can deploy DataGuard technology. In the on-prem era it was somehow complicated. I do remember well how much time does it has taken to the setup primary-standby database configuration. Now in OCI, it is a matter of few clicks in the Cloud Console or few lines of code in Terraform (check updated repo content in GitHub for lesson 7a).  In the video below you will see how to use this code in practice. Additionally, I will use the network security groups (NSG) approach instead of security lists (SL). Hope this dish will be very tasty 🙂

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