My thoughts after successful Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2019 Certified Architect Professional exam

mattia_rossi_oci_certified_solution_architect_professional_2019Right, last 2 weeks I was silent. I am so sorry about that, but believe me… I had to focus on 1Z0-997 final preparation. It was a really hard exam. Mostly because of the wide range of topics to be explored in detail. On one hand, I was sure about my knowledge after building my Terraform+OCI tutorial plus some howtos for OCI compute autoscaling or OKE deployment. But frankly speaking still there was a lot of things where I was not fully familiar or let’s say I have forgotten details after a few months with no practicing. So if you ask me how to pass this exam the answer is rather simple. You need to put yourself in front of your computer and watch all videos which are available at Oracle University (OU)Although I guess it is also good to practice with Terraform for most of the OCI services and not count only on theoretical knowledge from learning paths in OU. I have been also asked many times about brain dumps usage… well… honestly speaking I am not a big fan of that approach. Mostly because it is just a shortcut approach. Learning answers for the particular set of questions will not make you capable of architecting OCI cloud topologies for the real customers. You need to know all of the topics well. This is the only way to be really professional. I know it is hard, especially when there is no time, but this is only way 🙂 Good luck on your exams! I know from Rohit’s message that OCI certs are now extremely popular! It is another sign that our OCI community is growing! :)))

Bon Appetit,

Martin, The Cook.

9 thoughts on “My thoughts after successful Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2019 Certified Architect Professional exam

  1. Absolutely Martin,
    I am impressed about your practices and preparations for professional exam. As you said the exam is extremely depth of a OCI cloud,I have been learning day and night on Oracle University from past 40 days and clear Foundation and Architect Associate exams. However, I wasn’t successful to clear the professional exam would short of only one question and scored 68%, i am depressed and traumatized with the result came on the edge.
    I will again come back with more intensive and indepth preparation i hope would be able to clear the professional exam.
    I would appreciate if you could share any tips for preparing for the exam.
    Syed Maseeh
    Storage Consultant.

  2. True, OCI professional surely a tough exam & had to prepare for more than 30 days despite playing OCI Architect role in my current project. There are many topics to be covered & need practical experience on each topic to clear the exam.

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