How to integrate OCI Event Service and OCI Functions with Terraform

Yesterday night I have passed  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Developer 2020 Certified Associate exam. For this exam, besides Terraform, I had to learn about Oracle Kubernetes Engine (OKE) and OCI Functions. Recently I have had the opportunity to explore OCI Event Service. The outcome of this experiment I have encoded in a brand new dish (GitHub repo here). The idea is simple. Successful execution of the manual backup of compute instance’s block volume or boot volume leads to automatically populated tagging information, replicated to backup resource from the corresponding volume resource. Worth to add that for automated volumes backup, recently this feature has been implemented natively in OCI, but for manual backups, we are still waiting for this feature. My best guess here is we can treat this experiment for now as a foundation for further experiments in your kitchen. So please, treat is as a toy, just for fun 🙂

Bon Appetit,

Martin, The Cook.