Feedback loop.

linkedin_groupThe last two months, during the COVID thing, were transformational for this blog. Someone can say the window of the opportunity has been opened by free training and certifications for OCI. Many of us have decided to ride this horse and discover OCI, in-depth. Some of us have reached the highest professional level, some of us are still on the associate one. No matter if you plan to be OCI Architect, OCI Developer, or maybe OCI Ops, there is a lot of work in front of us. It will be a permanent learning cycle.  This is characteristic of the modern cloud world. New features, new services, new knowledge to be discovered and explored. Frankly speaking sometimes I feel overwhelmed, by this massive amount of “new stuff”. I believe you have this feeling too. And here comes the community. That is why I have built a community group on LinkedIn to exchange knowledge. Someone can say it is just another channel to promote this blog, but believe me – my goal has been simple, build the place to exchange knowledge. As much as possible … people who are satisfied with answers… people able to find some form of support from the others. A feedback loop is crucial. Without a feedback loop,  the community doesn’t exist. So I really encourage everyone to ask questions and the others to share the experience in response.
BTW. Many of you are asking how to help, support our blog, YT channel, and LinkedIn group. You can join us to be the next cook in the kitchen (don’t be afraid, this kitchen is extremely big and there is a lot of space to work). Another option is to donate us (check up on the right). If you want to be just a reader of the blog or watcher on YT, I think it is  absolutely OK 🙂 But remember about the feedback loop. If you haven’t subscribed to the channel, please do it now. You can also give us feedback on Linkedin with your likes 🙂
Martin, The Cook.

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