OCI Resource Manager Drift Detection.

As you know I love Terraform. That is why I have created zero to hero training for OCI and Terraform. It means I like to use terminal and execute commands such as terraform plan and terraform apply. All of that is great, but the state file, in that case, is located locally on my computer. Ok, I know we can move it to OCI and create OCI compute instance for the purpose of Terraform Server. We can also use OCI Cloud Shell to execute commands, but wouldn’t be great to have some sort of user interface for this? Some sort of OCI native service to encompass all of the Terraform features? The truth is it is already there. It is Oracle Resource Manager (ORM). I have decided to write a series of blog posts about this great solution. Oracle Resource Manager is changing quickly, enriched with new features. In this blog post I will show you how Configuration Drift feature works in OCI. I am planing to show you also other features such as recently released GitLab integration. But now let me focus on how ORM will discover if someone has changed the infra configuration in a chosen compartment.

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  1. what is the monthly subscription costs for just your website and all assets on OCI? would like to know once my free OCI is over what it would cost. thanks

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