Deployment of the course in OCI Cloud Shell

My zero to hero Terraform + OCI training is getting more and more popular. As you can see on the left, more than 80 people have decided to enroll and study basic or complex OCI topologies deployed automatically with the usage of Terraform. For me, it is a huge thing, you know! It sounds like my dozens of hours spent on preparations, testing, documenting, and ultimately recording videos were worth to be done. Recently I have had few conversations about possible options for locations where to execute my Terraform code. In my training, I was using my own OCI Terraform server deployed as a compute VM instance. Many of you were asking me if it is possible to execute it within Windows PowerShell locally on a laptop. Frankly speaking, I have never tested that outside of the Linux/Unix environment (I am using Mac every day). If you don’t want to use your local PC with Windows and you don’t want to deploy OCI compute instance (due to the costs), still there is an option to use OCI Cloud Shell. I have documented that in the video a few months ago. However, as the cloud is evolving, a lot of things use to change and for a moment some changes are somehow … undiscovered by us, right? Even by me 🙂 So it should not be surprising that one of my students have discovered different behaviors of OCI Cloud Shell. Slightly different, but significant enough to broke the execution of my code:

As a result, we have had to introduce small adjustments to Terraform files. As you can see OCI Cloud Shell is pre-authenticated to tenancy. It means there is no need to provide variables (user_ocid, fingerprint, private_key_path) in the provider block ( It also means the variables should disappear from file. On the screenshot below I am showing you how to modify the files by commenting variables with a hash sign (#):

Keep in mind this exercise should be done within each and every lesson. Hope it will be helpful for your studies with my course in OCI Cloud Shell.

Bon Appetit,

Martin, The Cook.

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