OCI Resource Manager integration with GitLab

Last few weeks I was very busy and couldn’t continue to record videos. Frankly speaking, I had to pass HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate exam and on the other hand, spent some time with my family (vacation at Baltic Sea) to reload myself after this hard COVID period. Anyway, now I have discovered a sad fact that the last serious video about new stuff I have recorded almost 1 month ago! Ups!!! So it is really high time to show up some new stuff, right?

In this post, I would like to continue the journey with OCI Resource Manager (ORM). The last blog about it was related to ORM configuration drift detection. Today I will show you yet another new feature released in early July 2020 – ORM integration with GitLab. Before release of this new feature, there was no way to control the version of your Terraform configuration files when you were utilizing ORM, so this new feature seems to be a significant step forward and I believe it will streamline the adoption of ORM in customers’ tenants. In a video below, I will explore whole functionality in details and you will see how it is easy now to control the versions of your Terraform code and deploy new commits securely in OCI. Ok, let’s celebrate this new taste!

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Martin, The Cook.

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