OCI Resource Manager – Discovering Resources to create Stack

The previous post was related to OCI Resource Manager (ORM). I was trying to explain how to integrate ORM with the GitLab service to control the versions of your Terraform code. Today I will continue to work with ORM. And let’s imagine you are ORM and Terraform newbie, but you envisioned to use Infrastructure as a Code model in your tenancy. There is only one small problem you are facing. Your tenancy is full of resources that have been deployed manually by you or someone else. How to move forward from this spot? Of course, you can recreate it from scratch, by building terraform configuration files. But in most cases, this approach will not be effective in any sense. Frankly speaking, sometimes it will not be possible due to the fact of the high complexity of the architecture. So what to do next? How to approach this tricky situation? Here comes the help from the latest feature of ORM called Resource Discovery. In the video below I am showcasing everything, explaining it step by step. Hope you will find it interesting and tasty 🙂

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