How to build OCI Streaming, OCI Functions, and OCI ATP with Terraform

The Streaming Service has been released some time ago in OCI. I am not sure, how much it is popular at the moment. It is very possible it doesn’t… I can imagine why… I was looking for a good source of knowledge besides the official documentation. That includes YouTube and generally speaking results from Google search. Unfortunately, I haven’t found too much (only a great video by Todd Sharp from So guess what? Right, you are right… it is really common in case of me… I have started my own investigation about how to implement OCI Streaming. For other cloud vendors, the use cases of Streaming based on Kafka compatible solution, combined with some sort of Serverless are rather common (for example this one). So I was thinking that in OCI it would be great to have something similar in place. Some sort of combination: Streaming + Functions + API Gateway… and additionally OCI specific ATP deployment… And there you go! Here is a brand new video where I am combining all of that together and deploying it with Terraform. Hope you will find it tasty and interesting.

Bon Appetit,

Martin, The Cook.

PS. Here is GitHub repo for this blog post. Hope you will enjoy it 🙂

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