HashiConf Digital 2020

Last week I was attending a 5-days event provided by HashiCorp. Previous year it was fully “analog” meaning physically organized in Seattle, US. It was a great time for me! I have learned a lot about new approaches and technologies, especially in Infrastructure as Code scope. This year for the obvious reason (COVID19 pandemic outbreak) HashiCorp had to change the plans and the originally planned meeting in San Diego has been changed to a fully digital event HashiConf Digital 2020. For me, this change is even bigger. First of all, Oracle has become a conference sponsor therefore and I was able to present my Lightning Talk there (OCI Cloud Shell + Terraform, perfect marriage). Here is a video recording from my zoom session. Hope you will find it tasteful. And I really encourage you to visit our OCI Architecture Center with Reference Architectures plus corresponding GitHub QuickStarts with Terraform codes.

And that is all for today! Hope to have the same opportunity next year and show you some stuff on HashiConf 2021 🙂

Bon Appetit,

Martin, The Cook.

PS. Here is official Oracle blog post announcing our joined work with HashiCorp for the HashiConf Digital 2020.

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