OCI Flexible Load Balancer with Terraform

A few days back I have shown you OCI Flexible Shapes available in OCI deployed with Terraform. Today I would like to present a brand new feature that extends the flexibility of cloud network infrastructure further. On top of flexible compute VMs you can now put Flexible Load Balancer, now also with Terraform (OCI Terraform Provider version 4.7.0). Instead of defining the shape by a particular value (for example 10Mbps), you need to choose a “flexible” shape. It opens up the road to set up minimum and maximum LB bandwidth. These two values will help OCI to manipulate and change the shape according to the occurring workload. The video below showcases that in detail. Worth to add this video is now a part of brand new self-study training called Flexible Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform available at FoggyKitchen.com. I really encourage you to try this training as well as three other courses. Hope you will find all of that tasty as always.
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