How to modify on the fly CIDR block of your VCN or subnet with Terraform

The flexibility of OCI is growing every single day. In November 2020 new features have been added to the networking scope of OCI. You can now update VCN and subnet CIDR block information after creation.  Support for feature of expanding and shrinking of Subnet and VCN has been added to Terraform OCI Provider the same time. It was version 4.3.0 of the OCI Terraform Provider. However, it looks like finally the feature has been fixed in January 2021 with the version 4.9.0 of OCI Terraform Provider. Details you can check in file. This latest and greatest GitHub commit has encouraged me to record yet another video about flexibile OCI. I have added this recording to my self-study course which is available here. Hope you will find it tasty 🙂

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