Refreshing advanced OCI topologies deployed with Terraform

Public clouds are changing like crazy. That is a well-known fact. I still remember Oracle Cloud Infrastructure when it was in the early stage of development and was located ONLY in Phoenix and Ashburn regions. At that time it was called BareMetal Cloud Service (BMCS). Meanwhile, within the last 3 years, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has grown significantly. As you know now we have 28 commercial regions and dozen more are coming soon. Therefore my original course from 2019 was good 2 years ago, but today it is outdated. In other words, speaking, that is why I have invested time and refreshed the course this summer. Mostly because of the lack of time I have only covered basic topologies. As we are approaching the new year of 2022, I have felt the pressure to finish the job, especially because I am planning to archive the 2019 version of the course. As an effect of that now you can see the first two classes covering advanced topologies. Below you can find a video for local VCN peering. Hope you will like, as well as the upgraded course.

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Martin, The Cook.

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