Cross-region replication of block volume in OCI with Terraform

Protecting your cloud IT resources is fundamental in the modern e-commerce business. Companies rely on the public cloud’s high availability and disaster recovery capabilities. Therefore for every compute instance with block volumes, you need to prepare a good backup strategy and protection for a more severe disaster such as region outage. In that place, block volume cross-region replication seems to be the best option. Below you can find the video covering exercise with simplified topology: two web servers spread between the regions, nested in two VCNs, interconnected with DRGs, and cross-region peering. I will set up a block volume with the replica in another region. This block volume will be attached to the first Web Server. Terraform code will help us activate this replica and provision block volume based on that replica’s content. Then this new block volume will be attached to the standby Web server (the second one in the second region), and HTTPD services can start serving static files replicated from the original Web server’s block volume.

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