OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes + Autoscaler deployed with Terraform

I will be honest with you… I know it was not good, but I was not able to write blogs here mostly because of a lack of time. Last half of the year I was deeply engaged in OCI Architecture Center development. We have added dozes of Reference Architectures as well as GitHub DevRel repositories covering Terraform modules and higher-level codes for our Reference Architectures. During that fruitful period (unfortunately not for FoggyKitchen) I discovered that Kubernetes-based deployments are getting more and more popular. I think it is a sort of hint for me about where my blog posts and trainings should go in the future. I have a plan to create Cloud Native training with Terraform as the main vehicle of automation. It is my long-term strategy, but for now, I have decided to create smaller building blocks. And that is why I am starting new series of videos covering OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes (also known as OKE). This time I will show you how to deploy Autoscaler. This feature will enrich basic configuration with auto-scaling capability. In nutshell – more pods/replicas deployed means more worker nodes added to the cluster by Autoscaler. In the opposite scenario – fewer pods/replicas mean Autoscaler will scale down the number of worker nodes in the OKE cluster. I hope you will find this video interesting and it will be a tasteful dish today. And one more thing… here is GitHub repo for this lesson. 🙂

Bon Appetit,

Martin, The Cook.

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