Unlocking the Power of OCI DevOps Service: Streamlining Application Delivery in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Don’t get me wrong. It is not true that I don’t like Jenkins. In fact, I really like it, and I have promoted it many times for its flexibility and extensive customization options. However, the truth is, if you are in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and leveraging OKE as your platform, the choice of OCI DevOps Service becomes quite obvious.

OCI DevOps Service offers a seamless integration with OCI resources, making it a natural fit for deploying and managing applications within the OCI ecosystem. The native integration with OCI services such as Logging, Notification, and Container Engine for Kubernetes simplifies the setup and enhances visibility and scalability.

But let’s not forget that Jenkins has its merits too. If you are interested in deploying Jenkins in OCI using Terraform, I’ve got you covered! You can find a dedicated GitHub repository with Terraform code for deploying Jenkins in OCI here. This repository will guide you through the process of setting up Jenkins in OCI, providing another valuable tool in your DevOps arsenal.

However, when it comes to leveraging the full power of OCI, including the seamless integration with services and the ease of setup and configuration, OCI DevOps Service with Terraform takes the lead. It allows you to efficiently manage your DevOps workflows and seamlessly deploy applications in the OCI environment.

As a bonus, I have also prepared a GitHub repository containing all the Terraform code used in our OCI DevOps Service with Terraform course. You can access it here. This repository will be a valuable resource for practicing and implementing the concepts learned throughout the course.

Additionally, I have a separate repository with the FoggyKitchen Hello World application. This repository includes the application code that will be deployed by the OCI DevOps Service on OKE. You can find it here. This real-world example will allow you to see the power of OCI DevOps Service in action.

Join me on this exciting journey of mastering OCI DevOps Service with Terraform. It’s time to unlock the true potential of DevOps within OCI! This training is for you! Below is the first of the six lessons of the self-study course.

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