Flexible Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform (2020 Edition)

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Each and every cloud vendor is trying to attract consumers by giving flexible services with flexible prices without disrupting security requirements. Within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) we can expect the same approach. Flexibility is a fundamental principle of OCI design. Within this self-study course, I will try to walk through all of the commonly used OCI services to review their flexible features. By that, I mean mostly how it is easy to modify initial settings with higher throughput configurations or just other configurations which has not been envisioned within the initial setup (flexible compute shapes, modifiable VCN/subnets configurations). On the other hand, I will showcase self-adapting configurations where cloud services will react to the workload changes with scale-out/scale-in operations (compute autoscaling). Furthermore, I will also include in this training a very popular PaaS offering such as OCI DBSystem. It will not be limited to Virtual Machine (VM) or BareMetal (BM) shapes, as I will also explain the flexibility of Autonomous Database offering. Ultimately in this course, I will explore Container and Serverless topics, which by definition are an alternative modern approach comparing to old-school computing based on the VM/BMs. Throughout the whole course, everything will be deployed automatically with the usage of Terraform technology. The ability to build quickly even the most complex architectures is just yet another dimension of OCI flexibility. Hope you will enjoy this course. I really encourage you to enroll today 🙂


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    I bought this course via your post in linkedin on 4th Jan. However, When I’ve logged in , its still showing up as locked for me. Am I missing something here. Please advise.


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