Flexible Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform (2020 Edition)

Bastion Service deployed with Terraform

In the lesson, you will learn how to use OCI Bastion Service. Usage of jump hosts is very common. It seems to be obvious from a security point of view that you want to hide compute instances or database servers in private networks, but there should be a secure way to access them somehow, especially when you are using end-2-end automation in Terraform, with the usage of remote-exec from null_provider. Recently in OCI, this feature has been simplified. There is no need to create yet another VM to jump. Natively you have a service called OCI Bastion Service. It is available in OCI Console in Identity & Access Management Section. OCI Bastion Service can be also deployed with Terraform.


Here is GitHub repo for this lesson.

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    I bought this course via your post in linkedin on 4th Jan. However, When I’ve logged in , its still showing up as locked for me. Am I missing something here. Please advise.


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