Flexible Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform (2020 Edition)

OCI Flexible Load Balancer with Terraform

In this lesson, I will showcase how it is easy to build OCI flexible load balancer with Terraform. Now if you choose “flexible” as a shape then you are able to define the minimum and maximum bandwidth of your load balancing configuration. When workload is coming to your website, OCI will react to the traffic and shapes will be changed on the fly adapting to the circumstances. So now there is no need to redeploy load balancer when your customer’s requests are growing very rapidly or in opposite you have significantly lower traffic and you don’t want to pay for bigger shape.


Here is GitHub repo for this lesson.

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    I bought this course via your post in linkedin on 4th Jan. However, When I’ve logged in , its still showing up as locked for me. Am I missing something here. Please advise.


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