How to automate OCI with Terraform

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Terraform is a well-known technology that implements in practice Infrastructure as a Code paradigm. Since the early days of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), a Terraform tool has been used to automatically deploy cloud topologies. In this zero to hero self-study course, you will learn how to build OCI infrastructures automatically, with the usage of the Terraform platform. You will start the journey from the simplest setup, with one VCN, one subnet and one webserver compute. Further, within the next 14 lessons, you will learn how to enrich this topology with different resources such as Load Balancers, shared File Storage Services, and Databases. Ultimately you will explore the most complex configurations with VCN local and remote peering, Transit VCN routing, and cross-region DataGuard association. This self-study training will help you to obtain practical experience with OCI and for sure will be a great add-on to your theoretical knowledge learned before the OCI Associate exam. Enroll today and learn Terraform with us!



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