How to automate OCI with Terraform (2019 Edition)

Infrastructure as Code in practice with Terraform and OCI

In this course, you will find 15 lessons that cover basic OCI’s topologies and advanced ones. Our journey starts with the simple example of one webserver in one regional public subnet, nested in one VCN in particular availability domain (AD). Incrementally next lessons will show you how to implement multiplied webservers, spread between ADs, located under load balancer umbrella. Further, you will make this setup even more secure by the introduction of private subnets and bastion-host to jump over. We will also explore storage options for the servers (local block volumes and shared filesystems). Besides the web tier, we will introduce VM based OCI DBSystem deployed in the fully separated private subnet. In advanced topologies, I will introduce VCN local peering within the same region and then remote VCN peering spreading the cloud infrastructure between two regions. Ultimately we will see how to build configuration with the Transit Routing VCN concept. All of the lessons will be very practical, but before practice, I guess it will be good to understand a little bit some theory. That is why we will start with the introduction below:

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