OCI ATP instance with Terraform

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In this short self-study online training, I will show how to deploy OCI Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) instance with the usage of Terraform automation. After successful deployment, you easily clone ATP instance directly or via backup. This will be a topic for the second lesson. The last lesson in the first part of the course will cover the Private Endpoint feature of OCI Autonomous Database. In the second part of the training, I will provide ATP-based solutions were autonomous database solution exists in a broader ecosystem of other OCI services. Enroll today and learn Terraform with us!


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6 thoughts on “OCI ATP instance with Terraform

  1. Not sure even after completing lesson six , I do not see the green check . Appreciate if you could resolve this issue .

    1. I think I have found the root cause of the problem and I have fixed it. Can you please confirm? Remember that after each lesson you have the “Complete” button. Click in on it means this lesson is finished. On the other hand at the very end of the course, you will have the “Finish Course” button.

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